Ridgid-core ( LVT or LVP on top) and Hybrid-Core Flooring offers the best of both worlds for your flooring needs! , Water Proof surfaces with varting degrees of toughness on the surface layers! All these float over your existing hard subfloor surface.

  • Coretec
  • TruCore
  •  Chesapeake
  • Parkay/Masters
  • Spring-Tech
  • DreamWeaver
  • All South
  • Marquis

Probably the most versatile flooring  for ease of install for its       pet stain, durability and water resistant properties.

        WATERPROOF < WATERPROOF > WATERPROOF                     Our quality selections will lasts decades in your home!
The choices are endless. Hundreds of types of Tile and Plank floors to choose from. Great for WALLS too!

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